Outdoor Upholstery Fabrics and supply of outdoor foams

Outdoor cushion seats don't need to look flat and be uncomfortable we can change the inserts with outdoor foam that repels water, it drains faster and dries much quicker.

And is very comfortable to sit on.

Normal foam holds water for a long time and it will rot the cover, and some outdoor cushions are filled with a white layered polyester that flattens when you sit on it, its very uncomfortable

Recover is a great idea with these new fabrics and foams that are now on the market.

consider re-furbishing your outdoor furniture instead of throwing it out.

Recover the cushions around the pool area with Zepel fabrics and bring them back to life, the range is called UV PRO GET OUT.

Recover outdoor cushions with Warwick fabrics, they have a great range of vibrant colours and designs.

we can give those old tired covers a real lift and make them like new again.


Outdoor seat cushions

We can make all the items on this page for you

Cushions | Bolsters | Mattresses | Scatter cushions | Ottomans all in outdoor upholstery Fabrics and foam


Pool area cushions
Warwick outdoor fabrics fantastic for all your outdoor cushions